Friday, December 16, 2016

High Five for Friday (12.16.16)

1. On Thursday night I attended a good friend's annual "Favorite Things" party. We wore our sparkly/festive best, sipped wine, and sampled all of Downtown Uncorked appetizers while exchanging gifts and celebrating the Christmas season.

I gifted a Christmas throw pillow (I have obsessed over and hoarded throw pillows for my entire adult life, but I have a particular weakness for Christmas throw pillows) and ended up with a fabulous stand wine opener and a delicious bottle of moscato!

2. On Friday we pulled the kids out of school at 11am and headed north to Dallas to witness the marriage of Tom's cousin Katy to her fiancé Nate. We appreciated and enjoyed the opportunity to spend lots of quality time with family at both the wedding on Friday night and during a relaxed brunch on Saturday morning.

Midway through the wedding I realized that my little girl - the one sitting next to me wearing a ruffly dress and polka dot tights, swinging her little legs back and forth beneath her chair, and showing off her toothless grin as she watched the happy couple share their first kiss - was the exact same age as the bride was when I first met her...time moves too quickly.

3. Tom stayed in Dallas an extra night to hang out with his family, but the kids and I headed home on Saturday afternoon for the birthday party of one of Hallie's best friends. After we dropped Hallie off, Will and I went home and had the best evening, just the two of us. We made personal pizzas, ate ice cream and cookies, watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and then just talked until we fell asleep. I don't take these moments with my boy for granted...

4. On Sunday night I took the kids to a local church's annual Live Nativity. A friend of mine worked tirelessly on the organizing committee for this event, and while I went primarily to support her, the kids and I ended up having a lovely time listening to and watching the drive-through story unfold, visiting the animals, eating cookies, and listening to Christmas music.

Hallie loves barnyard animals and they have always loved her back. This baby llama took to Hallie immediately and perhaps a little too intimately...

5. Last but not least... SNOW! The midwest received a huge storm last weekend, and because the temperatures didn't rise above freezing this week (and won't rise above freezing for the next few days), snow will be waiting for us in Wisconsin!

Speaking of friends and I surprised our kiddos with a "winter wonderland" on Tuesday afternoon. They loved it!

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots!

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