Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Cure for Your Election Hangover

Today will be a difficult day for some, a wonderful day for others. RESPECT THAT. BE KIND. If your candidate lost, respect and be kind to those who believe they made the right choice for our country. If your candidate won, respect and be kind to those who believe our country would have been better off with someone else in the White House.

And now that the presidential decision has been made, remember that this election was not our only opportunity to vote. To have a voice. To affect change in our communities and, on a larger scale, make our country a safer, healthier, gentler place in which to live.

At the end of October I wrote about my decision to - on the day after the election - redirect my emotions and voice toward productivity. I decided to back away from the social media battlefield and out into the real world to do at least one good deed or act of kindness. And I invited all of you to join me.

Many of you indicated you would, so here's your reminder. Today's the day - let's get out there and make the most of it!

Will, Hallie, and I have a couple of ideas up our sleeves for this afternoon, and when I share them next week, I'd love to also share some of your good deeds and acts of kindness. Comment or share a picture of your efforts either here or on Facebook, and please feel free to share this "campaign"!

In case you were thinking about carrying backpacks or shielding friends from the rain on the way home from school, here are a couple of pics of how it's done. Will has the market cornered on after school good deeds and acts of kindness... 

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