Friday, November 18, 2016

High Five for Friday (11.18.16)

1. For the first time since the beginning of August, the four Ferri spent a Saturday together. Normally we divide and conquer Nutcracker rehearsals, soccer games, school events, and birthday parties, but this weekend and because Hallie's rehearsal time was changed, we all slept in, enjoyed a leisurely morning, went to Hallie's rehearsal, and then drove to Houston for Will's soccer game. I had missed spending time with my little foursome. (I had NOT missed, however, listening to Will and Hallie bicker in the backseat of the car.)

2. Speaking of Will's soccer game, last Saturday marked the end of his regular season. Four weeks of practices and two tournaments remain, but Will's team came out of their 10 league games with six wins, three losses, and one partial game called at halftime because of lightening. I have loved watching Will develop as a soccer player and a leader on the field, and I truly enjoyed getting to know his teammates and their parents.

Will is #17, which in case you don't recall, was my number. So many emotions...

3. I finished creating and ordered my Christmas cards! It feels spectacular to have crossed that to-do off my list. Now to finish my Christmas shopping...

4. I hear, "Mom! Come see Tux!" from Will and/or Hallie at least once a day. More often than not I find our poor kitty in situations similar to this one and I can't help but laugh because 1) the kids are laughing, 2) Tux does in fact look funny, and 3) I can't believe our good luck that we found a cat who is so ridiculously patient with children.

5. Happiness Highlights:
This guy is creating a light suit that will somehow sync
with the drums. (?) The process makes him happy enough
that I'm willing to overlook the slew of packages containing
supplies and materials arriving daily from Amazon... 
Perfect little ringlets and her fading stork bite.
A big boy trying to teach a little boy how to play two-person soccer
on the 3DS while their sisters dance. Not sure the lesson sunk in...
A sweet friend bought me this Pioneer Woman mug for my birthday. It's
massive, and perfect for Monday mornings when I need a lot of coffee!

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots!

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