Friday, November 25, 2016

High Five for Friday (11.25.16)

1. Though the painting I chose turned out to be considerably more challenging than we'd expected, my friends and I had a lovely time putting paint to canvas and kicking off the Christmas season last Friday night.

2. On Friday morning my seven-year-old daughter looked like this:

But by Saturday afternoon, she looked like this:

How did she age four years overnight?!

And then to make matters "worse", she and her friends hung out and chatted - in their matching dance company jackets - over Starbucks drinks. (It's just hot chocolate in those red cups, folks. We'd be crazy to give our little firecrackers caffeine in any form!)

As difficult as it is to watch the "baby" in her disappear, I am beside myself with awe when I look at who she is becoming.

3. My family and friends gifts me some pretty fabulous goodies for my birthday, including Pentatonix tickets for the four Ferri and Tom's parents! (More to come on the concert in a future post, as taking the kids to a concert and seeing Pentatonix live were both on my bucket list!)

4. Tom gave me the Pentatonix Christmas CD pictured above first thing on my birthday morning. I popped it into the kitchen CD player so we could sing along during breakfast, and this girl just couldn't contain her emotions (kind of like her mama) when Hallelujah came on...she knows very few of the words, but she sings the notes and the words she does know with a passion.

5. I miss these two so much, but when I looked at my calendar yesterday I realized that I get to hug them in less than four weeks!

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots!

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