Monday, November 21, 2016

Kindness Day 2016

Elections are not our only opportunities to vote. To have a voice. To affect change in our communities and, on a larger scale, make our country a safer, healthier, gentler place in which to live.

Twice recently I wrote about my decision to, on the day after the election and regardless of outcome, direct my emotions and voice toward productivity and kindness. I explained the plan to Will and Hallie, and then let them direct our activities on that day.

Will wrote a thank you note to his GT teacher/Chess Club advisor/chess coach to let her know how much he appreciates her involvement in his academic life. 

Hallie and I made and decorated bookmarks - each with a unique message of kindness and/or humor - and slipped them into every single book in our Little Free Library.

Words of wisdom, courtesy of Hallie.
"Snowmen are fun, but reading is better."
And my other favorite Hallie-ism.
"The stars at night are big and bright,
deep in the heart of reading."
There were A LOT of more books in our Little
Free Library than we had originally thought...
Hallie and I baked cookies and Will and Hallie delivered them - from "the Cookie Fairies" - to our neighbors.

Letting Will and Hallie take charge of our kindness day brightened their spirits and gave them ownership of the project, so much so that the following day they woke already thinking about what else they could do and who else they could reach. That afternoon...

Will, Hallie, and I went through our closets and toy boxes and pulled out clothing, shoes, toys, and games to donate.

Hallie wondered aloud - her way of asking me - if The Cookie Fairies could become a more regular fixture in our community.

Will asked if we could buy 40+ sticks of rock candy, attach a note that reads "You Rock!" to each one, and deliver them to all of the teachers at the kids' elementary school.  

Mama's going to need a bigger kindness day budget... 

I see no other way forward than to continue what we've started, and so for us and for the foreseeable future, Kindness Day will take place on the Wednesday after Election Day. Mid-November feels like the right time of year to me, both because it falls during the season of giving thanks and just prior to the season of giving, and because it seems everyone needs their spirits lifted following our country's inevitably contentious election seasons. When Kindness Day November 2017 rolls around the kids and I will be back with lots of ideas for you and your family!  

Will, Hallie, and I aren't quite ready to move on, so we're planning to carry on through the end of November and into December. We haven't made up our minds yet, but starting on December 1st one of these two activities will start in the Ferris house.

Share your ideas - tried and true or elaborate and wishful - for reaching out to others in the community during the holiday season...let's keep the kindness coming!

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