Friday, April 8, 2016

High Five for Friday (4.8.16)

1. Guess who won our NCAA Basketball Tournament bracket competition? Little Miss Toothless! (Hallie worked ridiculously hard to get her second front tooth out before dance pictures last Friday afternoon.) I can't wait to spend an upcoming Friday night playing games at Chuck E. Cheese, eating Spoons for dinner, and watching My Little Ponies on the iPad!

2. Last weekend my five-year-old niece, Lily, cut off and donated her extraordinarily long and beautiful hair. I'm so proud of her, and thrilled that her actions inspired Hallie to want to donate her hair as well. Unfortunately I don't think Hallie's hair will ever grow long or thick enough to donate... (And doesn't Lily look adorable with her new short 'do?!)

3. Last Saturday we participated in The Big Event for the fifth year in a row. (Here are links to the posts I wrote about each year's experience: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015. 2012 gives the best overview of the organization and day of service, but 2015 has the best story.) After four trips to Lowes, 55 bags of mulch, and five hours of work, our lawn looks pretty darn fantastic!

4. I survived my first pedicure in nine years! I have incredibly ticklish feet and don't enjoy how it feels when anyone - myself included - cuts or files my fingernails or toenails, so I haven't allowed anyone near my toes in almost a decade. (Somewhat embarrassing but relevant fact: because I HATED doing it myself, my mom cut my fingernails and toenails until I moved away from home for college. She may have also cut them once or twice on college breaks and when I moved back home for a couple of months after graduation.)

Sorry for the one-footed pic - I have severe plantar fasciitis in my other foot and at photo-taking time said foot was wrapped up with an ice pack.

5. Happiness Highlights:
The ONE good (well, fabulous) picture taken
during our dance photo shoot. Could these
four sweet friends GET any cuter?! 
All three of my "babies" having a sleepover.
Officially official!
And last but not least... In keeping with her tradition of letting her true feelings shine through no matter where we are or what we're doing, Hallie had a little bit of a meltdown as I tried to take a quick picture of her with her friends. My happiness here comes not from seeing Hallie unhappy, but from the story these two pictures tell. In the first picture, Kara and Avery are smiling and posing for the camera. But in the second picture, both had realized that Hallie needed them and moved in to support her. I hope they can always be there for each other the way they are now.  

Happy Friday, friends!

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  1. Just stopping by from h54f, and I'm glad I clicked over. First of all, welcome to Texas. I'm in the Houston area. Hope you have gotten settled in over the past few years. Are you starting a little free library? Tanya TheOtherSideoftheRoad

    1. Thanks for the welcome, Tanya! Though it took a while, Texas finally feels like home now. I did put a Little Free Library in my yard and I love it!

  2. Girl, you and I both on the super ticklish feet! I want to get a pedicure so bad but I know I'll be breaking jaws as soon as they touch my feet! Awe...that sweet little toothless face! So pretty! And wow on the haircut! Every time my daughter would get her hair chopped off I would swear she looked five years older! Have a great weekend. xo Amanda

    1. Thanks for reading, Amanda, and have a great weekend yourself!