Wednesday, April 27, 2016

"I Love Texas", From Lily

My five-year-old niece, Lily, has visited us in Texas at least once a year since her birth. But when she made the trek from Illinois with Grandma - just the two of them on an airplane - three years ago, a special tradition began.

In preparation for this year's trip to Texas, Lily wrote a book called I Love Texas. Over the course of her six or seven visits, Lily has gone swimming in April, eaten at the famous Dixie Chicken, toured Kyle Field, and helped watched us catch a lizard or two, all activities at least somewhat unique to life in Texas. But surprisingly, none of these adventures made the book:
"I going to Texas. From Lily. We are at the airport."
She jumped right into the action on the title page.
"We're flying to Texas."
I'm not sure what ocean she's flying over on her way
from Illinois to Texas, but I like her airplane drawing.
"Picking up from school."
Lily loves walking to pick Will and Hallie up
from school, especially on the day she arrives.
"Playing outside."
Left to right: Erin, Will, Lily, Hallie,
Grandma, and Tom. Obviously.
"At the park."
I think the illustrator had started to
lose focus by this point in the book...
"I love Texas."
I may associate Texas with summer temperatures in April, Aggie football, and lizards, but Lily associates Texas with traveling with grandma and enjoying the company of her cousins. Fine by me.

Now if Lily could just bring her parents onboard her Texas love-boat, maybe they'd move here!

It should be noted that during her visit Lily willingly touched a lizard. She refused, on the other hand, to touch an adorable, fluffy chick. She also prefers weather in which she can wear "up sleeves" (short-sleeves). Perhaps Lily and Texas are a perfect match...
She'd have preferred Grandma offer her a lizard.
This one loves the chicks. The lizards, not so much. 

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