Friday, April 22, 2016

High Five for Friday (4.22.16)

1. I'm a little late to the celebration here, but I think it's important to high five in honor of the Wisconsin Cheese that recently won the World Championship Cheese Contest. (It was the first victory for an American-made cheese since 1988!) Looks like the happiest cows come from my home state - affectionately known as America's Dairyland - after all!

2. We survived this year's dance dress rehearsal! Up insanely early to fit in breakfast, hair, make-up, costumes, and driving clear across town for an 8:30am call wasn't exactly how I wanted to spend (the first two and a half hours of) my Saturday morning, but seeing these smiles made it all worth it.

3. I've mentioned before that my sister and I (almost) always dress our daughters in matching outfits. In the beginning we went this route because we liked to dress alike as little girls and we thought they looked adorable; now, more than five years later, we continue down this path because they insist on it.

Side note: aren't those coordinating Elsa and Anna outfits fabulous?! Elsa's shirt reads "let it go" (of course), and Anna's shirt reads "a girl worth melting for". Love.

And then last weekend my mom and I discovered that the tendency to dress like other women in our family spans generations as well...

4. On a related note, I want to send out a high five to/for my mom, who while visiting last weekend cheerfully attended all of the events we had on our crazy busy calendar, helped me prepare for both the dance dress rehearsal and Hallie's birthday party, and when her flight was cancelled (because of flooding) and she ended up stranded in College Station for an extra day, she helped me clean my entire house. She spoils me with love and kindness, and on occasion, a new pair of shoes.

5. Happiness Highlights:
I certainly wouldn't use a hot tub in 75+ degree weather,
but our warm spring temperatures didn't bother these three!  
I wanted to "serve" Garfield a piece of cake, but Hallie insisted
he'd prefer a slice of lasagna. In the end it looked delicious!
This boy slept on his trundle so Tux could have the bed.
Happy 7th birthday party, Hallie Claire!

Happy Friday, friends!

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