Friday, March 11, 2016

High Five for Friday (3.11.16)

1. Tom's parents visited us from Nebraska last weekend and all six of us had a grand ole' time. As always, we played hard, talked deep, laughed loud, and drank lots of coffee (and maybe a few beers).

2. One of my favorite Easter traditions is decorating our front yard tree(s) with plastic Easter eggs. As I proclaimed in my first-ever newspaper interview at nine years old, "it makes everything look more colorful. More like spring." (I don't know if spring will make an appearance this year or not - the calendar reads winter but earlier this week the thermometer read summer…)

3. Tom, his dad, and Will beefed up our tree "house" this weekend. The wooden rungs received reinforcements, and they added a seat in the tree and a pulley system to allow the kiddo using the seat to easily bring up a book or a snack. Will might never come back inside...

4. "Go Go Go Joseph you know what they say. Hang on now Joseph you'll make it someday. Don't give up, Joseph, fight 'til you drop. We've read the book, and you come out on top."

On Wednesday night Tom and I took the kids to see the traveling production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. The production itself failed to impress me, but I loved watching Will and Hallie as they saw the music they've been singing for months come alive in front of them.

5. Last but not least, spring break starts today! We didn't make any overnight travel plans as we have a family vacation scheduled in May, but we hope to take a couple of day trips, play with friends, read books, watch movies, and if the mood strikes, tackle a couple of projects around the house.

Happy Friday, friends!

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