Thursday, March 17, 2016

Vintage Thursday: No One's Ever Really Done That, Right?

Yes, I am about to include in my "vintage" series a second restroom (or inability to make it to the restroom) post, but since this post doesn't center around Hallie I have decided to go ahead. I hope it makes you laugh as hard as it did me!

No One's Ever Really Done That, Right?
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Usually my stories about strange, ridiculous, or embarrassing behavior and events focus on Hallie. A couple have centered around Hallie and my niece, Lily, who, as unidentical cousins with identical personalities, have identical missions in life to wreak havoc. But this story? This story is ALLLLLL Lily. (Thank goodness.) And I just had share it with you.

Last weekend my sister, Sara, and her husband, Jeff, took their two kids - Lily, almost three, and Carter, seven months - with them to the home improvement store to shop for a new bathroom vanity. While Sara and Jeff spoke with the salesman, Carter chilled in his carseat/stroller and Lily explored a few of the display bathrooms on the sales floor. Suddenly a little voice rang out above the bustling sounds of a busy store (Saturday mornings are notoriously crowded on Saturday mornings)...

"You guys! Someone get over here and wipe my butt!"

Sara and Jeff looked at each other, and then turned, s...l...o...w...l...y, toward the voice.

There was Lily, naked from the waist down, sitting on the display toilet in which she'd just emptied herself. And as one might expect, she was pleased as punch for keeping her underwear dry and making it to a toilet in time.

Sara, Jeff, and the salesman laughed so hard they nearly needed to use the display toilet themselves, while Lily remained on the toilet and grew angrier and angrier that no one would wipe her butt.

When the adults finally pulled themselves together, Jeff carried Lily to the real bathroom to clean up, while Sara emptied and sanitized the display toilet. (She's like Inspector Gadget - who has the supplies to empty and sanitize a display toilet in their diaper bag?)

If you saw the movie Couples Retreat, I bet you watched this scene and thought, "yep, that's funny, but it never really happens".

Well I can assure you, it does. It did. Way to go, Lily.

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