Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Dreams Really Do Come True

Here's a hint:

And here's a cuter version of the same hint:

Any ideas?

The story - and the dream - began here, many years ago. I hoped to eventually make my dream a reality, but without the funds to purchase a completed version and/or the skills to build one from scratch, I knew that if/when the day finally came, it would arrive later rather than sooner.

Fast forward four years…

Tom's parents came to visit last weekend, and with them they brought - built just for me (and my family, of course) by my father-in-law - a brand spanking new Little Library.

Over the weekend my father-in-law and Tom secured the base in our yard and stained the Little Library, and as soon as the hardware arrives (this particular Little Library design requires special hinges and door lock), Tom and I will attach the door to the Little Library and the Little Library to its base.

And then, my fellow book lovers, the browsing, exchanging, reading, and community building can begin. This truly is - for me - a dream come true.

If you live in BCS, stop on by to leave a book, take a book, or both!


  1. proud to say that we know Emily Ronning in St Paul whose Little Library is featured in the book about how they were started. such a great idea and i am sure you were jealous when you saw the ones that have sprouted up in your childhood neighborhood here in Madison, WI.