Monday, December 22, 2014

Love Actually IS All Around

When I was a little girl I loved to fly, especially during the holidays. We dressed up for airplane travel back then, and that, along with the unending supply of in-air miniature bags of peanuts and Shirley Temple cocktails and the fact that when we landed we were met at the gate by whichever family members or friends we were visiting, made the entire experience feel special. Like this:

But now… Unpacking and repacking our bags at security, alternating between waiting in line and running from gate to gate, listening to disappointed travelers tell their loved ones over the phone that their flights were delayed/cancelled, watching ill travelers cough and sneeze into the air the rest of us are (but wish we weren't) breathing, being herded like cattle by employees who'd rather be anywhere else, and keeping the peace between my two exhausted littles who just want to GET TO GRANDMA AND GRANDPA'S HOUSE ALREADY are all on my list of how I like to celebrate the holiday season. Ha.

Whenever I fly and once I get where I'm going, I need to rest, regroup, and change gears. Whenever I fly during the holiday season, I need to first rest, regroup, and change gears and then I need little something extra to bring back the cheer I misplaced three flight delays, two meltdowns, and one lost suitcase ago. Should you find yourself in the same boat, give any one of these videos a try. A few are new to me this year, a few are "regulars" that I watch each Christmas, and all will warm your heart and lift your holiday spirits.

The Song by Apple

Angels We Have Heard on High by The Piano Guys

Deck the Halls

Little Drummer Boy by Pentatonix

Hallelujah Christmas by Cloverton

The Christmas Scale by IgniterMedia

Love actually IS all around us…sometimes we just have to look for it. On YouTube. Happy Christmas week, friends!

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