Friday, May 16, 2014

High Five for Friday (5.16.14) + a Giveaway!

This week's High Five for Friday covers the last two weeks since I swapped out High Five for Friday with my Mother's Day post last Friday.

1. My sis-in-law's new single - "You Rescued Me" - is now available for download on CD Baby! According to the CD Baby website:

"You Rescued Me" is the epitome of a feel-good song. Whether you're singing this to a lover, best friend, or family member, this song rings true about someone for everyone. Fresh sound, catchy hook, honest lyrics, and killer live production!

You can preview and/or purchase the song here.

Not only that, she's giving away free downloads to 10 lucky Chasing Roots readers! To enter, click here to "like" her artist page on Facebook and then let me know that you've done so by liking this post on Facebook, commenting on this post on Facebook, commenting on this post directly, or sending me an email at I'll draw our winners at 9pm CST on Monday, 5/19.

2. Each Easter, "Mom" Easter Bunny fills the baskets belonging to Will, Hallie, and Tom with assorted treats and goodies. "Dad" Easter Bunny, on the other hand, has no idea the holiday is even approaching until the day before and never remembers to put anything in my basket. And because "Mom" Bunny worries that the kids will ask questions if my basket is empty, she usually tosses in a few chocolate eggs and jelly beans on her way to her next task.

But this year, "Dad" Bunny brought me a present. A very nice present. A High Five for Friday present.

(The ring didn't fit me at first - I have teeny, and apparently very wrinkly, fingers - but I had it sized and finally got it back last week, which is why it's just now making an appearance on a HFFF post.)

3. If these pictures of Hallie (what do you mean you don't wear your fluffy pink tutu to the ballpark?!) and her sweet friend Johnny sharing a snow cone don't melt your heart, I don't know what will. (Hallie would want me to acknowledge that I tried - unsuccessfully - to come up with a Frozen joke to insert here.)

I love watching these two play together while their older brothers tear it up on the baseball diamond.

4. Will made me a coupon booklet for Mother's Day, but he accidentally left the booklet on his desk as he packed up his backpack last Friday afternoon. He felt terrible about forgetting my gift, and assured me that the coupons would be in my hand as soon as he came home from school on Monday.

On Monday afternoon, Will unpacked his backpack and proudly handed me three small slips of paper stapled together. You can imagine my surprise when I (mis)read the first coupon.
To clarify, this coupon reads, "I will tuck you in bed".
After the initial shock (which I of course hid from Will) wore off, Tom, my sister, and I had a good laugh about Will's first-grade penmanship. And then I carefully stored the coupon so that I can show it to Will when he's much, much older...

5. Happiness Highlights
Deep in thought in her secret garden.
Rock Prairie Spirit Night at Fuddruckers.
Love my boy, love me a good cheeseburger.
Girl LOVES her donuts…just like her mama.
A sweet sibling moment. (There are so few…)
I've complained enough about dance this week - here are a few adorable pics of Hallie and her sweet friends to balance out all that negativity.

 Happy Friday, friends!

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