Friday, June 21, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up (6.21.13)

What a Leader Looks Like
After allegations that members, including high-ranking officials, in his Armed Forces were "creating and exchanging explicit and profane emails" surfaced, Australian Chief of Army David Morrison publicly addressed the issue by filming and distributing this video. Though I support standing against sexual abuse and respect Morrison for doing so, my goal in posting this video is not to make a political statement. I'm posting this video because I found Morrison and his message - a commitment to upholding the values on which the Australian Army was built and protecting the rights of EVERY member - inspiring. What an incredible leader.

Angry Birds Family Tree
Have you ever wondered where the Angry Birds came from? One theory - which seems as plausible as any, at this point - is outlined below. But while this theory answers a lot of questions, it prompts quite a few new questions as well...

Sometimes the mental stress of his day job and the physical exertion that comes after mowing and edging the lawn, retrieving the patio umbrella from the roof, and building a lemonade stand for the kids combine to create the perfect storm of complete exhaustion. When this occurs, Tom has to sit down while he fills up his water glass from the refrigerator. Seems to me to would take more energy to carry the stool over to the refrigerator, sit down, stand up, and then carry the stool back to the counter...but that's just me.

The Worst Engagement Photos Around
This BuzzFeed compilation of hysterically horrible engagement photos will make you happy you're single (according to BuzzFeed) or happy you're already married and don't have to take engagement photos anytime soon. I especially love the the couples dressed like fairies...

Mr. Rogers
Though they love the Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood spinoff - Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood - my kids aren't familiar with Mr. Rogers himself. (Are reruns of his show even still on? I should look into that.) But if they were familiar with Mr. Rogers, you can bet I'd be throwing this comeback at them multiple times a day.

"You're not acting like the person Mr. Rogers knew you could be."

I may use it anyway, because it's SO, SO true.

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