Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Green Texas: Vocal Trash

"Garbage" is one of the biggest bands to ever come out of Madison, Wisconsin. My club soccer team traveled quite a bit during my high school years, and when we'd arrive in a new state and meet other players, the topic of where everyone was from would inevitably come up. Because Garbage's song "Stupid Girl" was a hit around that time, we heard jokes pointing out that "the best thing to come out of your hometown is Garbage" and "stupid girl - I wonder how they came up with that title" all the time. They got pretty old.

I flashed back to those days when I heard that the group "Vocal Trash", which is based out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas, was coming to town. Cue the jokes now...

Vocal Trash performed a free concert in College Station as part of the Brazos Valley Earth Day celebration. According to the Vocal Trash website, they "make music in harmony with the environment by fusing world class singing, industrial-styel drumming, award-winning break-dancing and comedy antics into a unique and uplifting experience".

Though the Vocal Trash concert wasn't the best I've ever seen (both Tom and I were a little turned off by the fact that they clearly played filler music behind what they sang and played live), we were all entertained by their lively and engaging versions of popular covers. The kids enjoyed the group's made-from-garbage instruments, and Will LOVED the break-dancing.
Water jug drums
Made-from-trash guitar #1
Made-from-trash guitar #2
Washboard abs
Tom's always dreamed of playing a keytar
Breakdancing, round #1
Breakdancing, round #2
Beyond the music, Tom and I appreciated the group's message of "going green" for the continued health of our planet.  In between songs and cheesy skits (and I call their skits cheesy with all due respect - my Newman Singer peeps know how fans eat up those cheesy skits) the group talked about the importance of recycling, upcycling, and conservation of energy.  There was a little something for everyone, music-wise, instrument-wise, and message-wise.

Throughout the remainder of the year Vocal Trash will travel through and perform in Kansas, Iowa, Texas, Indiana, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, South Dakota, Georgia, Connecticut, and Minnesota; click here to find out if the group will be near you!

I did not receive compensation for writing this post and have no formal ties to or connections with Vocal Trash.

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  1. Sorry, this doesn't apply to this post, but I ran across your blog and just had to say hello! I am from Texas but just moved to the Midwest (Illinois) a couple weeks ago. Check out my blog if you'd like (I just started). And take good care of my home state! :)