Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Monthly Medley: May 2023



I've been on a brief hiatus from writing for my regular magazines, which has worked out well given that I've been writing SO much for the organizations for which I volunteer. It's been fun to mix things up a bit!


The Summer Place by Jennifer Weiner was a fun summer read - a little lighter than my usual fare, but with enough mystery and intrigue to keep me going and guessing from the first page until the last.


Will and I have been cruising through - and loving - Ted Lasso. I don't know that I've ever watched a more endearing show, and I'm truly sad that we're nearing the end of the series. I've heard it called warm and winsome, charming, unrelentingly optimistic, and "as comforting as a buttery biscuit," and all feel incredibly accurate. (Note: characters in Ted Lasso - except for Ted Lasso himself - use the f-bomb almost as frequently as a teenage girl uses the word "like." The dialogue is not for viewers of all ages.

I've also been watching Galey Alix's new show - Home in a Heartbeat - on HGTV. I've followed her on Instagram for quite a while; it's been fascinating to watch her side hustle turn into an actual television show!

Listening To

I don't have any new podcasts to share this month - I tried a couple of episodes of a few different podcasts but nothing stuck. Hopefully I'll have something more to share in this category next month!


I've been enjoying Camellia Jade, a fashion stylist "helping women find confidence through fashion." You can find her at @camellia_jade on Instagram. 


I recently purchased my second pair of Naturalizer sneakers, and I think I'm sold on this brand. (I also have a pair of Naturalizer dressy sandals.) Cute and comfortable, and they have arch supports! Just a note that they run - at least for me - about a half size small. 


These could fall into either this category or the wearing category... Because I'm 40 and sad, I'm now trying/using/wearing Frownies on my forehead at night. The verdict is still out on whether or not they're helping, but at least I know they're not making my fine lines and deep-set wrinkles any worse!

I continue to LOVE my Loopy cases, including my newest case for spring and summer.


I barely cooked in May, y'all. We got by on sandwiches, cereal, scrambled eggs, tacos, etc. I'm on a good streak so far in June though, so hopefully I'll have some tasty recipes to share next month!

Feeling Good About

  • And this:

Cheers, friends!

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