Friday, June 9, 2023

High Five for Friday (6.9.23)



Hallie had a great first two weeks of summer dance, and Will is happy to have his first week of high school summer workouts under his belt. 

I of course don't take pictures of these activities, but here's a short video of a contemporary ballet piece Hallie and friends learned (in only about 75 minutes) during one of their classes. Hallie is in white leo and bright blue pants.


Late last week I went out with friends TWICE - I know, I'm a party animal.


Will (with one of his parents each day) spent the weekend in Houston playing in the Challenge Texas Shootout College Showcase. He still don't know for sure where he wants to go, what he wants to study, and whether or not he wants to play soccer while in college, so we're still keeping all of his options open. The boys really gelled in their three games, and ended up coming home with three wins under their belts. Soccer gets a little lighter for the next eight weeks, or at least it gets a little lighter I type he's at the the park playing soccer with friends.

I have no photos from the weekend, so here's one of
him playing goalie his first year of competitive soccer.


On Saturday we celebrated one of our favorite six-year-olds at a party complete with a bounce house, a water slide, water balloons, Chik-fil-a, and cupcakes. Happy birthday, Ashton!


Happiness Highlights

It's looking like this sweet boy has found his forever home!

A sneak peek into pics coming soon...

Right before Kirawee left for her forever home, there was a
window of about an hour during which Kira had learned to
climb these baskets but the boys hadn't yet figured it out. It
was priceless, watching her tower above them proudly.

Trying out our new Andy's Frozen Custard for a
Six Kittens Rescue profit share - it was delicious!

There's nothing my kids love more than playing outside in
the rain (the gnarlier the weather, the better) in the summer.

I think I need a bigger window hammock for
my babes...they made it work, but only this once.


Popeye is the best.

Plié and Popeye had their first annual check-up this
week. Getting Plié into the cage and driving to the vet
were nightmares, but after that she did amazingly well.

And this boy behaved PERFECTLY, as I knew he would...he
didn't, however, leave our shoulders for the entirety of the visit.

Happy weekend, friends!

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