Friday, June 30, 2023

High Five for Friday (6.30.23)


Late last week two of my favorite kiddos accomplished incredible feats. Cullen tested for and was awarded his black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and Carter competed at the US Tumbling Association National Championship and earned fifth place in Double-Mini, second place on Trampoline, and fourth on Floor. Congratulations, boys!


Both kids wanted (with a little encouragement at some points) to build volunteering into their summer breaks. Last Friday Hallie finished up 23 hours of volunteering at VBS, and yesterday Will wrapped up two weeks of volunteering at his high school's youth soccer camp.


Hallie and I also volunteered for (and I organized, alongside my friend Jenn) a service project that partnered the mother/daughter service organization to which we belong with our beloved Six Kittens Rescue. We made toys and blankets for kittens, and thank you notes for families, that will be included in Welcome Home boxes that go home with newly adopted kittens.


In an attempt to prepare as much as possible for our upcoming travels, I took my car in for an oil change and a transmission flush. The technician thought he heard a sound that made him think I might have a problem with one of my hub/wheel bearings. (Are hub and wheel used interchangeably when referring to a bearing?) I made an appointment at the dealership service department - after a good experience working with them a couple of years ago - and while they agreed with the oil change technician's suspicion based on what they also heard, they couldn't officially get my car in for diagnostics until FIVE days later. So I found another service center that let me drop my car off minutes later and had it completely finished (there were actually issues beyond the hub/wheel bearing) by the following afternoon. 

I'm so grateful the oil change technician was paying close enough attention (and had a comprehensive service background) to actually hear the issue and made sure I knew how important it was to get the car more thoroughly checked before taking it on a road trip. And I'm so grateful for the service center who got the work done in such a timely fashion!


Fun Friday Update

Last week the kids and I forgot it was Friday until mid-afternoon. Will was playing volleyball and futsal with friends when Hallie and I remembered, so we called him and asked if he wanted to spin by, pick us up, and go out for Bahama Buck's. He did, so we did. It was unplanned and not all that exciting in comparison to activities we could have done had we been more prepared, but we still had a great time.

We took two cars (I was dealing with my car issues
mentioned above), and it was really fun for me pull up next to
(at a stoplight) and then see them chatting with one another. 

Happy weekend, friends!

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