Friday, June 16, 2023

High Five for Friday (6.16.23)


This issue of HFFF should probably be called High Five for apologies for the dance overload this week!


Week two of summer dance wrapped after13 hours of classes, including a couple of former Radio City Rockette Brittany Bean. Such a cool experience!

Ms. Brittany

Our beloved Ms. Taylor came back for a day of
the intensive. It was so good to see her, and for
Hallie to dance with her again.


This year's dance pictures - taken by the kind, generous, and talented Ari Jones - are *chef's kiss*. Hallie loves them, and so do I.

📸 Ariana Jones Photography


Dance photos wouldn't be complete without capturing these three. We're so grateful Ari could help us carry on this tradition.

📸 Ariana Jones Photography


Last Friday night, Hallie and I flew to Madison, Wisconsin. On Saturday morning, we drove to Metamora, Illinois. On Saturday night, we drove back to Madison. And on Sunday midday, we flew back to College Station. We traveled more than 2,500 miles in less than 48 hours...for a dance recital.

Yep, we made the journey so we could see Lily dance in her dance recital. Lily didn't know we were coming, and the surprise alone made the trip worth it. 

It was wonderful to see Lily, my sister, their family, and my parents, and Lily did an amazing job in her recital. A weekend well spent.


When Milton's siblings left, we decided the time had come to let Milton out into "gen pop" (the rest of the house beyond the master bedroom, bathroom, and closet). Plié hated him from the moment he crossed the threshold from the master bedroom into the living room, but over time, Popeye - certainly the friendlier of our two feline family members - started playing with Milton. 

Milton leaves us today. Plié is - I'm sure - thrilled. Popeye, on the other hand, will miss him. 

That said, Popeye needs a good, long nap - Milton is a rambunctious, energetic "toddler," and I've been comparing Popeye to an exhausted mother who can't take much more "MOM. MOM. MOM. MOM. MOM." (except it's "POPEYE. POPEYE. POPEYE. POPEYE. POPEYE") before he goes insane.

Bonus Six

Fun Friday Update

We had to split up for our Fun Friday activities last week, but it all worked out! Will chose lunch and trivia at Mad Taco (this isn't organized trivia, but they have a television in the bar that shows trivia so we stayed for probably 30 minutes after we'd finished eating to play), and Hallie "chose" flying on two airplanes and running through DFW so we could both make our connection flight AND get Auntie Anne's Pretzels for dinner.

Mad Taco trivia

Reading the safety manual prior to take off, as she
ALWAYS does. When she was a toddler, she used
to make us "seen" (sing) it to her.

Happy weekend, friends!

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