Tuesday, June 27, 2023

It Wasn't Me... (An Update from the Cat Whisperer)

A few weeks ago I posted about a cat I met - and immediately became best friends with - while walking around my neighborhood.

Not even a couple of hours after the post went up on Facebook, a friend of mine commented on the post with just one word: "Sherry!" Below that, another woman who I didn't know commented, "😉 the cat that adopted us."

As I texted back and forth with my friend, I learned that this cat (Sherry) had been a true neighborhood cat - in a completely different neighborhood - until she (Sherry) fell in love with one particular family. This family fell in love with Sherry right back, so they adopted her and of course brought her with them when they moved to my neighborhood.

I thought of myself as that cat whisperer that day, but my friend sent me pictures that proved it wasn't me...it was just Sherry being Sherry, the sweetest, friendliest, outgoing, and extroverted cat ever.

I've yet to meet my new neighbors (other than Sherry, of course), but we are friends on Facebook now and I'm looking forward to meeting them in person and saying hello to Sherry again!

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