Friday, June 23, 2023

High Five for Friday (6.23.23)



Last week we took care of Teaka - formerly Bob, of Hallie's Hairstyle Babes - and her brother, Waffle. For the first time (we've taken care of her quite a few times since our friends adopted her), Teaka actually seemed to remember us and enjoy our presence, which felt like such a win. Waffle, on the other hand, ONLY came out when I offered treats. 

A perk of tending to these sweet kitties is jumping in "their" swimming pool after we've finished our home and pet-related tasks, and we took advantage of this opportunity because it's felt downright awful outside recently. Hallie swam quite a few times and Will joined her twice, but the only picture I took is of Will, stealing Hallie's unicorn float. 


Last year we took care of most of our annual appointments in August. This year, I'm cramming as many as I can into June, just to lighten our load when we'll be preparing to send the kids back to school. In the last two weeks we've knocked out two pediatrician appointments, two vaccines, new epi-pen and inhaler prescriptions, four dentist appointments, and two eye doctor appointments. I'm also on the waiting list to bump a couple of August-scheduled appointments to June, so maybe we'll be able to add to that list.

He doesn't need glasses (yet), but when we
discovered that my dad's glasses from the 80s
are back in style, Will had to try them on.

I share all this 1) because everyone and everything being healthy-ish is something to high five about, and 2) to remind you, should you or someone you love need the reminder, to make and keep your regular/annual preventative and/or maintenance health-related appointments. Stay healthy, my friends.


We had almost nothing on our weekend calendar, and it was so nice not to be "on the clock." Hallie and I shopped for dresses and ran a few errands, Hallie baked cookie bars, I wrote and worked at Starbucks, Tom and Will disc golfed, Tom worked in the yard, and Will played soccer and volleyball with friends. We also celebrated Father's Day with this spectacular - if I do say so myself - gift. 

We returned to regularly scheduled (summer) programming on Monday morning at 7am, but the brief respite was lovely.


Fun Friday Update

We had a pretty good chunk of time available last Friday, so the kids asked to go to the outlet mall in Cypress. Both picked out a few things for summer, we had lunch in the food court, we stopped at Buccee's on the way home.

Sometimes it's best if they don't
know I'm taking pictures of them.


Happiness Highlights

These four worked their tails off volunteering at VBS this week.

Have you ever seen anything cuter than sweet
Aiden "holding court" with all of his dancers?

Will inherited the ability to sleep anywhere (like at the
dentist) from Tom, who inherited the ability from his mom. 


Also helping.

Brunch to bid farewell to two of this incredible group.

Just a quick bath before lecture, Dad.

Tom's most recent ace!

Happy weekend, friends!

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