Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Texas Bucket List: Strawberry Fields Forever

Picking strawberries wasn't on my Texas Bucket List exactly, but it was on my general bucket list to do with my kids. I tried once in Michigan, but for a reason I can't quite remember, it didn't happen. I tried - multiple times - here in Texas, but again it didn't happen due to a wide variety of conflicts ranging from weather (rain, extreme cold, or extreme heat on the days we had planned to go) to damaged crops (due to freezes and/or flooding) to scheduling (the farm being closed on the days school was out). But finally, after years and years of trying, Will, Hallie, and I went strawberry picking together.

I was actually a little worried as I planned our outing and then again when I woke the kids up that morning. Worried the farm would close for the day or the weather would turn or there wouldn't be any strawberries left to pick...worried the kids wouldn't want to go and they'd take out their frustrations on each other or me. Thankfully, my concerns never materialized. 

I keep listing all of the ways the morning was perfect...and then deleting the lists, because they sound so cheesy. So instead I'll say, even though it also sounds cheesy and even a little bit dramatic: the experience was simple and pure and everything I wanted it to be. 

Definitely a day I'll remember. 


Live near me and want to pick strawberries? Here's where we went. They still have strawberries, and blackberry season is coming!

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