Friday, April 7, 2023

High Five for Friday (4.7.23)


The last three months have been BUSY: work, high school soccer, dance, foster kittens, two PTO Boards, helping a friend with contract negotiations, serving on a school district committee and subcommittee, and preparing to step into new roles on two different nonprofit Boards. This high five isn't because we made it through a busy season, rather because the older my kids get, the better I get at leaning in to the busy. I'll sleep when they graduate. 😉 


On Saturday afternoon, Hallie and I took a mother-daughter yoga class with Ms. Diane Bedford, who was one of her Nutcracker instructors and is also an Associate Professor and the Chair of Dance, Music, and Theatre Performance at TAMU. She teaches a great class, and we both left feeling stronger and more flexible! (Well, less unflexible, in my case.)


After a stressful day (week? month?) of waiting for leveling to come out, my girl found out she was ready for the next step in her pointe development. She is beyond excited, to have been invited to move up and for the hard work ahead.

When we bought our house, we gave Hallie her room because it has these
display pegs up near the ceiling on one wall. We didn't know what she'd hang
there at the time, but they've turned out to be perfect for retired pointe shoes.


Tom was in Michigan for work this past week, and we're so excited to welcome him back home just in time for Easter and Hallie's 14th birthday!


We ended up having our kittens for a week longer than I'd expected, which was great because that extra time allowed us to learn that Vivi is a true water baby! We knew she liked the shower more than any other cat we've ever had, but last week she jumped - JUMPED, didn't fall - into the bathtub with Hallie. And instead of FREAKING out, she just paddled and played around until Hallie finally made her get out.

The next day, Kit fell into the tub...and she felt about the bathtub the same way most cats do - bitter and angry and panicked. 

We have them until next week, but then we'll say goodbye. They've been a true delight to foster!


Happy Passover and happy Easter weekend, friends!

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