Friday, April 21, 2023

High Five for Friday (4.21.23)


Last Wednesday night Hallie and I attended and she performed Footloose - with her Spanish teacher and four other students for a test grade - at her school's first annual Culture Night. I don't quite understand what Footloose has to do with culture exactly, but it was a fun evening!


On Friday night we booked it to Caldwell after ballet and pointe to see friends perform in their high school dance team's spring show. Even though Hallie decided not to tryout for her high school's dance team (she would have auditioned last month ahead of her freshman year starting in the fall), she and I both still really like to to attend these shows, especially when we know some of the kids participating. 


All things considered, we had a leisurely weekend. (It makes me laugh to think about what I consider a leisurely weekend now compared to what I considered a leisurely weekend 10 years ago.) The weather was beautiful, and it was nice to feel less rushed that usual and to have time to watch movies, play cards, and work in the yard.  

Popeye likes to show us what leisurely actually looks like...


I'm on the board of SheServes, a new, local service organization for girls in 7th - 12th grades. We officially launched this week - check us out on Facebook here, and let me know if you have any questions about getting involved!


Happiness Highlights

If you look closely, you can see that this is actually a picture of me and two
friends enjoying coffee inside while another friend captures our get-together
from the outside. Grateful for the time to step away from the crazy and catch up.

Hallie received this for her birthday and I LOVE it. These are
real pictures, with real cats hidden in them - 10/10 recommend!

Their last picture with us...such sweet babies.

Same friends...different drinks. 😂

Watching our first Cavalry UPSL game. (I think I can
best describe UPSL as semi-semi-pro, or the unofficial
fourth tier of US Soccer.) They won!

Happy weekend, friends!

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