Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Will, Take the Wheel

He did it.

He did (almost) all of the paperwork to get his learner's permit. 

He did all of the work to complete his driver's education class. 

He did (almost) all of the work to complete his behind-the-wheel training.

He did (almost) all of the work to schedule his driving test and appointment at the DMV.

Finally, he passed the test.

And just like that, my four-year-old who had a complete meltdown over the prospect of having to get a "driving license" all alone with the "driving license constructor" while his mama waited for him in a big, scary lobby with chairs, is a 16-year-old licensed driver. 

Taking his sister to Sonic for the first time.

I texted a friend whose son is also going through the driver's education process to let her know that Will had passed his test, and she sent back a near-perfect response:

Your life changes today! Congratulations to your boy and gentle thoughts to your mama heart as you watch him drive away for the first time.

She was absolutely right - my life did change that day. Will becoming a licensed driver was such an exciting milestone for him, and such a strange milestone for me as his mom. I was so proud, and so grateful, and so worried, and so scared...all at the same time. Kind of like every day as a parent, I suppose.


* BCS friends - feel free to report back to me on Will's driving if you see him out and about. He knows you're watching. 😉 

* Almost doesn't mean he didn't fully complete the step. It simply means Tom and/or I were involved in some way or another to make sure everything was done correctly.

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