Friday, November 18, 2022

High Five for Friday (11.18.22)



Late last week Hallie (and I, as her early ride home so she could make it to ballet and pointe) returned to the Kemah Boardwalk for Kemah Choir Days. This year she actually got to ride a couple of rides, her choir did a lovely job on their three songs, and I had the opportunity to meet and chat with the woman who drove the choirs' bus, who also happens to work at Will's high school, regularly drives Will's high school soccer team, and is a member of our city council and with whom I share a number of opinions about city planning. A great day all around!


On a similar note, Hallie's choir did a wonderful job at their school's Veterans Day assembly. This annual assembly hadn't been held since Will was in seventh grade (his orchestra performed that year) and it was wonderful to see it return and have the opportunity to attend.

I love when the band plays the short songs 
associated with each branch of the military.

I can't imbed the videos of the choir singing (too long), so for those who are interested (my mom), The National Anthem is here and their other piece is here.


Will's high school's football team made the playoffs, and while their first game took place in miserable conditions - misting rain and a "feels like" temperature of THIRTY SEVEN degrees (all the more bizarre given that it had been 75 degrees on my walk that same morning) - Will had fun with friends and Hallie and I enjoyed snuggling together for warmth for the quarter we attended. The boys won this first round game, and play again tonight in their second round game!


We survived 147 hours of Nutcracker run-throughs and an outreach performance this weekend...just one more weekend of regular rehearsals and then tech/performance week will be here!

First photo of the weekend...we look so fresh and optimistic!

Last photo of the weekend...I look exhausted. 😜


The Adventures of Plie and Popeye - Mini Episode

We turned the fireplace on for the first time this week, and while both Plie and Popeye were at first terrified, within a couple of days Plie had decided she was onboard with the fire. Makes us smile, thinking about how she - otherwise SO different from Tux - loves something he loved.

Happy weekend, friends!

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