Friday, December 2, 2022

High Five for the Nutcracker

Today's the day, friends...Ballet Brazos' 11th annual production of The Nutcracker Ballet opens tonight!

We still have tickets available for all three shows, and they can be purchased through the MSC Box Office online, over the phone, or in person. We hope you'll join us and experience the magic of The Nutcracker Ballet for yourself.

Hallie and her fellow dancers have dedicated hours and hours to their rehearsals - and the Ballet Brazos team and I have worked incredibly hard this fall (all year, really) - in order to bring this show to the stage. In honor of our opening tonight, here are five Nutcracker "high fives" - five of my favorite Nutcracker moments.  

Hallie and Avery's first year (Kara had been a Party Little Sister
before). They were six years old and the most adorable Magic Mice.

Two years later, they were Battle Mice and LOVED dancing with
the amazing Dominick Oliver (our Mouse King and Lead Russian).

Tom's first year of involvement as the
(unofficial) "master of sleigh lights" 

My first year working backstage (and one of Hallie's favorite years
as a Polichinelle). I've grown to love this volunteer role, and I can't
imagine being a part of the show from anywhere except the wings.

Last year's party girls, all dressed and ready to party! This
scene was SO much fun to be a part of - such fond memories.

Bonus #1 - part of what makes The Nutcracker such a great
experience for me are the people with whom I get to work and play. 

Bonus #2 - this picture documents the first time Will ever brought
flowers to a girl, and marked the beginning of this holiday tradition. 

I hope to see you at The Nutcracker this weekend (remember, we have three shows for you to choose from), but if I don't, I'll see you on the other side! 

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