Friday, November 4, 2022

High Five for Friday (11.4.22)


This week's HFFF post encompasses a couple of weeks, since I went Halloween-themed with last week's HFFF post. So much to cover!


All things Encore...

1a - The amazingly talented Ari Jones took these photos of Hallie and her entire ballet company at this year's Encore photo shoot.

1b - Hallie was honored to have been chosen to participate in one of the dances Encore showcased in its audition video for Regional Dance America. After multiple incredibly difficult rehearsals and one very long day of filming, the audition videos were submitted...and a week later we found out that Encore was accepted!

1c - Encore's first ever fall show - Encore En Motion - went so well!

Yes, it's blurry, but I love this pic of
Hallie and her friend Abby mid-jump.


Another year of photos at the pumpkin patch (in dance attire) for these three!


I voted (early), and it felt incredibly good to check some of those boxes. I did my research this year, more so than ever before, and I HIGHLY encourage those of you who live in College Station to do the same.  (I'm happy to chat elections and candidates and proposals in real life if anyone is interested in learning about what I and others unearthed during this research...feel free to send me an email at


My girl just picked up her fourth pair of pointe shoes! While her third pair isn't dead yet, she doesn't love them so they'll be retired a little earlier than we expected. 

She'd want me to ask that you please excuse the
pajama pants and old-tights-turned-socks - she was up
sewing her elastics and ribbons late into the night!


All things Halloween...

5a. On Saturday night, after a full day of Nutcracker and Christmas at the Lake rehearsals, we went to the middle school haunted house. The wait to get in was almost an hour and a half (see the pics below of us passing the time), but it was worth it to see the girls' bestie Kara as Samara from The Ring and a few other friends in equally creepy roles. We had lots of fun, and I was impressed with how scary they made the entire experience!


Still waiting...

We started to go a little crazy...

And then we went a lot crazy.

We grabbed Kara - on her way in, pre-Samara wig - for a photo.

There's was no turning back
once we reached the scary clown! 

5b. On Halloween we had friends over for pizza, cupcakes, trick-or-treating (the candy canon made its third annual appearance), and candy sorting and trading. Though our numbers continue to decline as our older kids have started making plans that don't involve trick-or-treating with their parents and younger siblings, we still have lots of fun!

Popeye loves all people, and all people love him.

Popeye also loves costumes.

Plie, not so much.

Another year, another four dozen cupcakes!

This is Will running away from me trying to take
a picture of him as he left for a friend's house.

We actually reached 175 - five more kids came up the driveway
in search of candy after we had retired the Candy Canon.

Happy belated Halloween!

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