Tuesday, September 27, 2022

"How Do You Get a Driving License?" (Conversing with Four-Year-Old Will)

Will turns 16 just one week from today. So in honor of that milestone (and in preparation for him taking his driving test a few days after his birthday), here is one of my favorite conversations - I've been waiting for 12 years to share it again. 


Will: Mama, when will I get a driving license?

Erin: When you’re 16.

Will: (defiantly) Ha! I’m going to get a driving license when I’m 15!

Erin: Actually you can get a learner’s permit when you’re 15. You can’t get an actual driver’s license until you’re 16.

Will: How do you get a driving license?

Erin: You have to take two tests – first a written test, and then a driving test with an instructor.

Will: What’s a constructor?

Erin: An instructor is a teacher.

Will: Will you come with me with the constructor?

Erin: No, you have to take the test with just the instructor.

Will: (with tears beginning to well in his eyes) I don’t want to go with the constructor by myself!

Erin: Then you don’t have to. We won’t make you take the test to get a driver’s license. But you can’t get a driver’s license without taking the test. It's the law.

Will: (with tears streaming down his face) But I want a driving license!

Erin: Will, this isn’t something you need to worry about right now.

Tom: Will, how old are you?

Will: (bawling, holds up four fingers)

Tom: So you don’t have to worry about getting your driver’s license for at least 11 years.

Will: (still bawling) Mama, how do you get your kid back after the test?

Erin: Well, I’ll take you to the DMV –

Will: (through sobs) What’s the DMV?

Erin: The Department of Motor Vehicles. (At this point I couldn’t hold it in any longer and I started laughing because the conversation was just so ridiculous, and I had to take a moment to compose myself.) I’ll take you to the DMV, you’ll take your tests, and then we’ll leave together.

Will: Did you have to take the tests?

Erin: Yes. Grandma Brenda took me to the DMV and waited while I took my tests; then we drove home together.

Will: How do you find your kid after the tests?

Erin: Moms wait in the lobby for their kids.

Will: What’s a lobby?

Erin: A room where people wait for other people or to be called for appointments.

Will: Are there chairs?

Erin: Yes, there are chairs.

Will: Look Mama! I’m buck naked!


Those 11 years went by in a flash. I hope he's ready... 😂

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