Friday, September 9, 2022

High Five for Friday (9.9.22)



Nutcracker rehearsals are underway and tickets are on sale! If you're interested in joining us for one of the three performances offered, call the MSC Box Office at 979-845-1234 or visit  to buy your tickets. Questions? Don't hesitate to email me at


On Friday night Hallie started her second year with Encore, the ballet company of The Ballet Academy at Suzanne's School of Dance. She had one decent rehearsal and one good rehearsal, and we wrapped up the evening with a birthday celebration for Mr. John, their ballet instructor extraordinaire. 


The cake, which Mr. John took home to share with his family, and the chocolate cupcakes for the dancers were courtesy of yours truly. The recipe wasn't my own though - it belonged to a friend's great aunt, and deciphering this woman's handwriting on her original recipe card was half the fun of making the cake. 


On Sunday we made the trek to Houston for my girl's third pair of pointe shoes. Her second pair isn't quite dead yet, but she's putting in the hours and going through the second pair MUCH faster than she went through her first pair. The trip was lots of fun, especially because we went with friends!


Speaking of friends... Sunday marked exactly 10 years of friendship between these three. I'm so tremendously grateful for their relationship as a trio, for the individual relationships each shares with the other two, and for the relationships that developed between their mamas. What a gift.

Yes, this is too many photos. I narrowed it down to 100 first, and then from 100 to this group... 

I'll close with one last photo, taken on the eve of their 10th "friendiversary". There had been tears of frustration and sadness earlier that evening, but these...these were tears of joy. This picture marks a decade of being there for each other through all kinds of tears, through the ups and the downs, through the good times and the bad.

Happy weekend, friends. Spend it with someone you love and who loves you back.

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