Friday, September 2, 2022

High Five for Friday (9.2.22)



Our orthodontist's annual pool party - Elms' Splash Bash - is one of my kids' favorite nights of the year. Swimming under the lights as night falls, indulging in endless pizza and desserts (remember, this is a party thrown by the orthodontist, not the dentist 😉), and excitedly hoping to win one of the many extravagant door prizes. They all had a great time - as always - with their friends, and Will won a pair of AirPods! Thanks, Steward Elms Orthodontics!


This kid has had a great few days. Not only did he win a pair of AirPods at the above-mentioned pool party, he was chosen as his high school's first "player of the week" for this school year. I beam with pride whenever he's called a leader...he has worked SO hard to find that part of himself.


Celebrating the last of these sweet girlies to turn 13 - with a date to the ice cream parlor - was the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


Labor Day weekend has arrived, and as always, Labor Day itself is such a welcome day off at the beginning of the school year. I realize that when the holiday rolls around the kids have only had one three-day week and two full weeks of school, but readjusting to the school day/night routine seems to get harder every year (I think it's because their sleep cycles have to change so dramatically) and they NEED that extra day to bank sleep and refuel for the next stretch of the semester. 


Last but not least, nutcracker costume fittings are done and actual rehearsals start tomorrow! 

No pictures from costume fittings - you'll have to come see the costumes in person on December 2nd and 3rd... 😉

Happy weekend, friends!

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