Friday, September 16, 2022

High Five for Friday (9.16.22)



PUMPKIN returned to Starbucks on August 30th. I held out until September 1st. 

See you in December, Dutch Bros - you make a better cold brew than Starbucks, but until you can match the perfection that is a pumpkin cream cold brew, I can't visit you between September 1st and November 30th. 


One of our favorite wine bars recently relocated from downtown Bryan to the southern side of College Station, making it much more convenient for us to visit. A few friends and I have started a tradition of popping in for a glass and an appetizer every Friday after we drop off our girls for their 4:30pm ballet class. 


Football season has arrived! Our Hawkeyes, Wolverines, Badgers, Huskers, and Aggies haven't necessarily gotten off to great starts in the college realm, and my Packers aren't doing so hot either, but I'm still excited that football has returned. 

We're watching on Fubo now that we've dropped cable, and so far we've been happy!


Speaking of Fubo...after a couple of months of being unable to do so, I can finally watch The Today Show again! I missed Savannah and Hoda, and I missed getting a quick snapshot each morning of what's going on in the world and across the country. 


Last week/end, Tom 1) replaced the struts that hold up my trunk (it had been slowly closing on me - and the Kroger Clicklist delivery personnel - for weeks) and 2) brought me a surprise "charcuterie board" when I texted him and asked him to bring my computer charger to me while I was working at the dance studio. He's a keeper, that one!

Happy weekend, friends!

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