Friday, September 23, 2022

High Five for Friday (9.23.22)


Last week was "Bring a Friend Week" at dance. Most of Hallie's friends - and all of her close friends - dance with her, so she usually doesn't have very many options when this week rolls around. This year, however, she brought Irma one day and Bertha another day, and they all had a great time.

In case it's not clear, Irma and Bertha are both Hallie's friend, Cayla, with whom she's danced for probably eight years. Tom was so pleased to see his decades-old wig back in action.


Late last week the kids and I got our flu shots - one fall vaccine down, one to go!


After what feels like 74 years of traveling to Houston every single weekend for every single one of Will's soccer games, for the first time this fall our home games are actually being played AT HOME. IN COLLEGE STATION. Our away games are still in the Houston area, but not having to make that drive half of the time has been life-changing. 


Eight grade has been accompanied by a significant uptick in homework, quizzes, tests, and (late night) studying. Late last week I was helping Hallie with math when Will heard what we were working on and decided to join us. He confessed that Algebra I had been his favorite math class of all time, and then he starting working problems for fun. When he realized that I didn't remember how to do some of what was coming up in Hallie's current unit, he decided he couldn't go back to his own homework until I had relearned this unit. So here we are, at 10:30pm on a Thursday night, "studying" together. 


Happiness Highlights

11 days and counting until this cutie turns 16 years old...

Enjoying coffee with my boy on our way to an
early morning high school training appointment.

The kind of photos you end up with when
you let a one-year-old play with your phone.

So many hours of work - but it's fun when we can work together!

Cheers to Friday, friends!

Happy Friday!

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