Friday, April 15, 2022

When It's Dark, Look For Stars

From time to time it feels important to/for me to acknowledge that my high five for Friday posts are not a complete representation of our lives. The last week has been difficult for a number of reasons. Some of these reasons are minuscule - frustrating and disappointing, yet inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. Some of these reasons are massive - devastating and heartbreaking, and life-altering for those we love and us as well.

Before Tuesday evening, I had planned to write my High Five for Friday post anyway, just with the disclaimer above. But on Tuesday evening a sweet little girl - a friend of Hallie's and the daughter of a friend of mine - lost her battle against the damage done by catastrophic allergic reaction and left this earth. And so now, even if I could muster up a high five or two, it doesn't feel right to share them. 

In a future post I will circle back around to darling Morgan; Hallie's relationship with Morgan, Morgan's sister, Tessa, and their family; and my renewed commitment to protecting kids with food allergies. But today, I'm just going to ask you to pray for Morgan and her family. She was a bright light...snuffed out far too soon.


One of my favorite shirts reads, "When it's dark, look for stars." 

Right now it's dark, so I'm looking for stars. 

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