Friday, April 22, 2022

High Five for Friday (4.22.22)

When it's dark, look for stars.

We're looking...


Happy birthday, Hallie! She enjoyed two sweet celebrations with her dance friends (one with her birthday buddy, Abby) in the days prior, and then had a simple yet lovely birthday. The additional celebrations we had planned felt different than we had intended, but Hallie and I went ahead with our joint haircut/color appointments and shopping trip and then she had her besties over for dinner, an outdoor movie, and a sleepover.

Hallie and I walked (after attempting to bike and discovering
that my bike tire had a hole in it) to the donut shop for breakfast.

My first attempt at the watercolor frosting technique.


The picture of Hallie blowing out her candles and
these wrestling pics are the only ones I took. Proof
the night happened, and that these relationships are
good for Hallie's heart and soul. 


On Hallie's birthday we hosted a sprinkle - to celebrate the impending arrive of baby #2 - for one of Hallie's dance teachers. 

Hallie made it to the diapering finals, where
good fun was had by all...except maybe the babies.

Their winning crawling, diapering,
bib-attaching, bottle-drinking team.

Sweet friends.

Congratulations, Ms. Christi!


I'm extraordinarily grateful that while the Ballet Babies have given me quite a few new gray hairs and required me to get up at 3am every night for nearly three weeks, they're (s...l...o...w...l...y but surely) heading in the right direction. They are ridiculously adorable, and tremendously social and friendly - all three are going to make amazing pets when they're ready to be adopted in a few weeks.

This is what meal time looks like.

It's a mess...five times a day (including
at 2:30/3am - I'm tired), times three kittens.

They don't eat well on their own yet - they lack focus - so I sit
in their enclosure and "help" them eat enough. (I do so in a variety
of ways. Another post...) When they finally finish and I've wiped
them down with baby wipes (see the photos above), they climb
onto my lap and snuggle. It's amazing.

Adagio has decided that the hole between my legs is
the best spot to snuggle, and he's willing to fight for it.


It's like King of the Mountain,
except the Mountain is Erin's Lap.


Happiness Highlights

While driving to soccer, Will and I listened to one of his playlists.
The songs he'd chosen were excellent...except for this one. We had a
good laugh about how/why he wanted this throwback to elementary
school background music on a playlist (it sounds like something used
to drive someone crazy by playing it over and over and over again).  

My new Easter door decor - thanks, Mom!


They're beautiful! Not very tasty though...

The kids and I played in the sprinklers - football, basketball,
disc golf, and obstacle courses - for more than an hour after
Tom worked on them. I shouldn't do obstacle courses anymore...

That's all I've got this week, friends. Working my way back to five.

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