Friday, April 1, 2022

High Five for Friday (4.1.22)


Less than 24 hours after Will's high school season ended, he was back on the field with his club team. Three days after that, they won their first game of the spring season. I'm beyond grateful he continues to love this game. 

On a related note, Will and close to 20 of his high school teammates came out on Friday night to support the Lady Tigers soccer team in their first round of the playoffs. The game was incredibly exciting - ending in a shootout - and AMCHS walked away with the W!

Will sat with me for about 10 minutes before his friends started
showing up, and those 10 minutes were the best. (I loved watching
the game by myself/with my friends, while watching him with his
friends, as well. It was a great night all around.)

The Lads during a calmer stretch of the game.


Our weekend was FULL of dancing - pointe class, Sleeping Beauty rehearsal, performance at the annual Award Ceremony, movie night with the ballet academy, and two Peter and the Wolf outreach performances. Hallie and I were both exhausted by Sunday evening, but there were lots of beautiful, fun, and funny moments to be had. (Including drinks and tapas with friends - at our new favorite wine bar, Primrose Path - while the kiddos were watching movies and playing games.)

I'm in the pond.

My most recent flowers from the high school Advanced Floral Design class are beautiful!

Happiness Highlights
Bill and Molly are making SO much progress. 😍

If you're not following Chouchou's
amazing story, you should be. He's
one of my favorite parts of every day.

It's not much to look at, but this parmesan-crusted tilapia with 
potatoes, green beans, and mushrooms was just as delicious out
of a tupperware sitting in my car soccer practice as it would
have been off of a plate sitting at my kitchen table.

She chose RBG for Celebrity Day at school.

This year's winner: Hallie, for (we think) the first time ever!

Happy weekend, friends!

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