Friday, November 5, 2021

High Five for Friday (11.5.21)



It's not exactly fall here yet, but it's fall up north so I receive regular text messages that include photos of changing leaves from family members and friends who live in that area of the country. 

I love you and miss you, fall.


Last week I walked past the back door and this magnificently beautiful spider web caught my eye. The entire web spanned at least 10 feet across and six feet from top to bottom (the "eye" of the web was about two feet in diameter), and while it didn't photograph well, it was stunning enough to still warrant photos.


While Halloween was a little crazier than usual - I'm not a fan of having out of town soccer games and hours-long dance rehearsals on Halloween - and Tom missed out because he was still in Michigan, we still had a fun evening dressing up, trick-or-treating, shooting candy out of the candy canon, and hanging with friends. Hallie and I, along with friends, also visited her school haunted house the Saturday night prior - her first-ever such experience - and had a frightfully good time.

Hermione was a candy corn. She didn't hate it.

Ron dressed up like a bat. He didn't love it.

She helped!


...and after!

The Schyler sisters enjoy their pizza and cupcakes before heading out.

Ready to go!

Moms manning the candy canon.

Hermione was pretty excited about all of the bins
and totes and bags and buckets for her to play in.

Candy trade!

We win again!


Tuesday was election day, and while it wasn't a "big" (as in presidential or gubernatorial) election, it was an important election here, with city council positions, school board positions, and bond proposals on the ballot. A friend of mine ran for one of the school board positions - I'm incredibly proud to have helped with her campaign - and while she didn't win*, she ran a good, clean race and has every reason to be proud of her efforts. 

* She should have won, as she was hands-down the most qualified candidate for the job. Sadly (in my own personal opinion but also in documented ways), politics - which have no place in non-partisan races - played a significant role in how the race played out. I desperately hope she chooses to run again, and if she does, I'll be supporting her again.


Happiness Highlights - Red Ribbon Week

Happiness Highlights - Kittens

Hermione went to her forever home this week, and Ron will likely go to his forever home next week. We were/are so sad to see them go, but Ron is being adopted by friends of ours from soccer so we know he'll love his family and that we can visit him!

I sat down after getting home from my walk and
she IMMEDIATELY climbed up onto my shoulder...

...and he immediately climbed into my lap.

But eventually he opted for my other shoulder.

He is such a snuggler.

I came home to find this...

...and then this. She needed quite the wipe down. 😂

Happiness Highlights - Other

Carly Lloyd retired last week. I've tried for 15 minutes to write a short
blurb about her career and how she changed the game for the better, but
as I keep coming up short, I'm simply going to say that I loved watching
her play and am tremendously grateful for her contributions to the sport.

While working in Michigan, Tom took last weekend off and drove
to Madison where he stayed with my parents and went to the IA vs. WI
football game with his Uncle Tom. They had a great time at the game and
with my parents, and my Tom came out ahead because while he was at
the game my mom did all of his laundry and handled his dry cleaning. 😉

Matching Nutcracker skirts!

Happy Friday, friends! It'll be a good one for us - Tom comes home after 3+ weeks of travel!

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