Friday, November 19, 2021

High Five for Friday (11.19.21)



Last Friday night Hallie attended her - and I chaperoned my - first middle school dance and carnival. Both kids have attended and I've chaperoned intermediate school dances, but because of COVID, which cut short his 7th grade year and vastly altered his 8th grade year, Will never attended a middle school dance. The evening was an experience...but Hallie had fun! 


Last Saturday, Hallie - along with many of the theatre kids at her middle school - participated in a district-wide theatre showcase called All Together Now. Hallie became involved late in the game (she won't be in theatre until next semester, so her choir teacher recommended her to the new theatre teacher, who let her join the group), but she learned the song quickly and did a wonderful job in both shows!


After a CRAZY day (soccer game in Austin, Nutcracker rehearsal, Nutcracker run-through, two theatre performances, ballet headshots, and ballet Christmas rehearsal), a few friends and I went out on Saturday for drinks and appetizers to celebrate my birthday. We had to go early because we're old and tired, but we had a fantastic time. 


Ron was the last of the Harry Potter kittens to leave us, and while we were sad to say goodbye to our sweet boy, we were so excited for him to go home to his forever family...because they're friends of ours! (My goal is to place kittens I've fostered in the homes of everyone I know. You only get a pass if you're SEVERELY allergic.) 

I think Ron's placement was meant to be. First, his new mom asked me about our fosters just hours after 1) she had mentioned to her family that they might need a little orange kitten and 2) Ron came back to us after his first family surrendered him. Second, their family already has a cat named Ginny...named after Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter. Done and done. 


Let's call this high five, "Will Dresses Up". 

First we have Will's first debate competition. I learned from a friend that a lot of kids don't compete at all their first semester or even year, because there's just so much learning that has to happen before and work that goes into these competitions. She also mentioned that some of these competitors start debate when they're young - like intermediate school - and "study" it throughout the school years and during the summers. All of this makes me even more proud of Will for putting himself out there just three months after learning that debate was even a thing people could do. 

SO proud.

Second we have Will's orchestra photos, for which you should try not to look too hard at Will's collar and bowtie. Shouldn't some adult have noticed and said, "hey kid - button your shirt and tighten your tie" before this professional and official orchestra photo was taken? 😂 Whatever the case, I love these pics - they're a perfect snapshot of who Will is right now...unkempt hair and fashion faux pas included.

Happy Friday, friends!

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