Friday, November 12, 2021

High Five for Friday (11.12.21)


Last week I went on my first field trip in...years? I honestly can't remember going on a field trip since I chaperoned Hallie's GT class' trip to the Renaissance Festival when she was in the third grade.

We drove to Kemah on the far side of Houston for Kemah Choir Days, and while Hallie and I didn't stay beyond the choir performances (she didn't want to do the Boardwalk with her choir classmates and also wanted to get back home in time for her late afternoon dance classes, so we decided we would return to the Boardwalk as a family sometime soon), we had a good time and were grateful for the opportunity to see a new place and have a new experience!


We survived our annual trek to the Dance Revolution dance convention. Because of COVID, and because neither Hallie or I felt comfortable spending hours in incredibly crowded ballrooms with hundreds of unmasked and possibly/likely unvaccinated people, we opted to attend only the performance portion of the weekend (and the required rehearsals prior to the performance). It was a LONG day - get up at 6am, drive to Dallas, try to avoid crowds, rehearse, try to avoid crowds, do hair and make up in the corner of a ballroom, perform, try to avoid crowds, drive home from Dallas, and finally crash into bed at 2am - but I loved watching my girl and her company on stage. 


I love falling back AND when Daylight Saving Time ends. Bring on the bright and early sunrises and the dark, cool evenings!


On Tuesday Will participated in his first debate tournament. I won't go into details about how debate works, mostly because I'm not knowledgable enough to do so, but I can tell you that debate isn't just two people at podiums arguing different sides of an issue (which is what I'd previously thought). His event is called Congress, and it involves HOURS and HOURS of researching and preparing arguments - in speech form - ahead of time and then at the tournament, emulating members of Congress by debating legislation. I honestly don't get it, but Will does, and so far he seems to really enjoy it. (I tried to summarize Wikipedia's explanation of how this all works but my brain just shut off about three paragraphs in. Here's the link in case you're interested.)

Despite the ridiculously early hour, he looked great 
in his new digs plus his new (to him) shoes from his
 fashionable Uncle L. (His tie was in his bag, ready to
be added to the outfit before the competition started.)


Happiness Highlights

Once a year our yard is overflowing with of Monarch
butterflies - more than you could count. She loves that day.

A friend saw this set of cupcake papers and toppers, thought of me,
and bought it for me. So of course I will make Nutcracker cupcakes
and share them with her and the rest of our dance mom friends.

Crazy Hair Day

He's such a snuggle bug. (When he's not snuggling
he behaves EXACTLY like a toddler. He keeps me
ridiculously busy and on my toes for a kitten.)

The counter and floor were completely clean before
Hallie walked through the door. Sharing this pic to remind
myself that clean is good...and lived in is good too.

Happy weekend, friends!

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