Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Way to Water Ski

Because we didn't make it to the lake until our final day in Madison (we'd aimed for earlier that week, but the boat needed a repair), I wasn't able to include our adventures on the lake in my last Wisconsin post. If the outing had been like any other, I would just share the pictures in a HFFF post and move on, but since a long-time goal was reached, I decided waterskiing deserved it's own post this time around.

Though I know how to waterski (or I did know how to waterski when I was younger, braver, and less fragile), I've never been particularly good at the sport. My dad, however, is an awesome skier as well as an excellent teacher; he taught Will a few years ago, and since then Will has been able to get up and get a few good runs in each summer. Hallie gave it a quick try two years ago, but she wasn't successful, partly because she wasn't quite strong enough yet but also because she was too scared. 

This year, however, it all clicked. She got up four times, and while none were long skis (I blame that partly on her trainer skis, which while easier to control at the start and therefore stand up on, are virtually impossible to stay up on for any length of time), she was so proud. So were we.

Will made it up a few times as well, and earned his first (of which he was secretly proud) waterskiing battle wound:

My dad also started teaching both kids how to drive, work, and maintain the boat, and then Will - in true Ferris fashion (like his father before him, and his grandmother before that) - took a nap in a strange place. 

Days on the lake are some of my most memorable - as a child both with my family and with my dad and his best friend, as a teenager with my friends, and then as a mom with my kids. I hope these days are the lake are some of Will and Hallie's most memorable as well.

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