Friday, August 13, 2021

High Five for Friday (8.13.21)


Maybe during years that are already chock full of bad luck, Friday the 13th actually brings good luck? Crossing my fingers...


Hallie's dance studio always hosts a ballet intensive at the end of July/beginning of August. Attending an intensive at this point in the summer is a great way to get those ballet muscles working again and to prepare for Nutcracker auditions, and in years past Hallie looked forward to this week was led by one of our favorite dancers and teachers, Ashely Laracey, of the New York City Ballet. Sadly, because of the NYCB's change in schedule this year, Ashley wasn't available to come to College Station for the intensive. The high five in all this is that the instructors who replaced Ashley did a wonderful job and Hallie truly enjoyed herself. Nutcracker auditions are just over a week away... 😬


On a related note, Hallie's leotard collection needed an overhaul - she outgrew a couple, felt uncomfortable in a couple, and couldn't wear one because of a shoulder blade tic she's currently battling - so we visited our favorite local dance boutique (called Attitude, for anyone in need of dance shoes, attire, or gifts) to see if we could find one or two new ones for the fall season. Usually Hallie tries on 20 and finds one or two that work...this time she tried on 15 and found SEVEN that fit, looked lovely on her, and made her feel amazing. I walked in planning to buy one black and one colored leo. After the try-on session, I decided to splurge and buy two black and two colored leos. When we finally left the store, Hallie had six beautiful leos (along with new tap shoes, jazz shoes, and turners, because her feet are growing like crazy) in her bag. 

12 is a horribly difficult age when it comes to body confidence, and I just couldn't walk away from these leos that made her eyes light up when she looked at herself in the mirror. Note: I have permission from Hallie to share these "fashion show" pictures...feels worth mentioning in situations like these.


On Thursday, Will attended "Roar Camp" (something of an orientation) at his new high school and then we picked up and walked his schedule. Picking up and walking a schedule is more like two hours of waiting in line, going through nine different stations to take care of photo IDs, school shirts, textbooks, medications, and paperwork. It was a long afternoon. I'm not sure how it's possible to be looking forward to and excited about a stage of life I'm also feeling so sad and anxious about...  

Thankfully he has a few classes and lunch with friends, and he has a general idea about where all of his classes are located. Whether or not he can make it from one to the next in the allotted amount of time is yet to be determined. 😂 


Remember when, last week, I told you Curly was shy? 

First, Curly Q, as we've come to affectionately call him, is no longer shy. Curly has SO much love to give, and he simply adores being around - and by "around", I mean touching at all times - all four of us. He desperately needs a friend, so if you already have a cat and are looking for a companion cat, or if you have a kiddo who wants a cat who will actually play (including dress up) with them, Curly is your perfect pet. If we had been able to foster Larry and/or Curly from a slightly earlier age to give Tux more time with them, I think either could have easily become part of our family permanently.

Yes, we have a cat pouch sweatshirt.

He likes to hold hands.



Definitely touching.

Always touching.

Must be touching.

Touching at all times.

I love touching.

I love you. 😍

You don't mind if I sit here, right behind
you, while you try to do sit-ups, do you?

Second, we have a new babe, named Aretha (Franklin). I had texted a picture to the women who run our rescue of Hallie "wearing" Curly in her cat pouch sweatshirt - Curly is our first kitten to truly enjoy the cat pouch sweatshirt, so it felt like a milestone - and when they saw the picture, they knew exactly which kitten to give us next. Aretha came from a feral cat colony and is afraid of absolutely everyone and everything. But when we finally managed to "catch" her (she went straight from the cage up into the couch and we had A TIME trying to get her out) and placed her into the pouch, her demeanor completely changed. In the pouch, she is calm and comfortable, even when whoever is wearing her is walking around the house, cleaning their room, unloading the dishwasher, or playing video games. Our work with Aretha isn't finished, but we're making S...L...O...W progress and that feels amazing!

Perhaps my favorite picture... Aretha prefers her
head be down and away from the opening, so her
feet frequently end up out the head hole. She
doesn't care, and just lets them hang there.

Look at that sweet little eye peeking out over Hallie's arm...


Grandma and Grandpa bought Hallie a new bike while we were in Wisconsin, and after having it shipped to us in College Station and assembled at our local bike shop, late last week it was finally ready to ride!

What? Don't you go straight from your dancing ballet to riding your bike?

Happy weekend, friends!

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