Friday, August 6, 2021

High Five for Friday (8.6.21)



The mom with eyes that have been surgically "fixed" and hasn't yet needed readers (even though she's well into her 40s)...still has eyes that get the job done on both fronts. The girl with lousy eyes...still has lousy eyes but they didn't get any worse. And the boy with bionic eyes...still has bionic eyes. So grateful I didn't have to buy any new pairs of glasses and can put off buying new contacts for a bit because Hallie only wore about half of her year's supply last year - not too shabby for a trip to the eye doctor! 


After a week of camp/rehearsals, last Friday afternoon Hallie performed as Noah's Wife in our church's Camp Narnia production of Anchored in Faith. She and her bestie, Avery, were both surprisingly nervous - more so than when they played Dorothy and the Lion in the Wizard of Oz two summers ago - but they did an amazing job. 

She got to wear a microphone, which was one
of the most exciting things to ever happen to her.


I mentioned last week that we have new kittens: Larry, Curly, and Moe. I can tell you with absolute certainty that Larry is the sweetest, most personable, and most loving (and one of the softest) kittens I have had the privilege to care for. He's a lover of all adults and children; a cheerful and enthusiastic playmate; an Olympic caliber snuggler (see below for photographic evidence); and an all-around delight. If you're looking for a kitten to join your family, let me know - Larry is truly one of a kind in the best possible way.

Curly has been a little slower to come out of his shell, so while I can't tell you quite as much about him yet (nor do I have many pictures of him yet), I do know that he has a sweet heart and is working hard to completely trust us. He startles easily, so our house - which is bustling with kids and other animals - isn't his perfect environment, at least not yet. 😂 Moe is already adopted!

Larry is in the back, Curly is in the front.


This week I started using my new - and OH so beautiful - Emily Ley Simplified Planner. For the last two or three years I've gone with one of her watercolor florals, but this year I felt a strong pull to mix it up and therefore chose a gorgeous green with a white and gold geometric pattern and little gold bees accents for good luck. Opening and starting a new planner feels amazing, doesn't it?! 


Happiness Highlights

When we have foster kittens, Tux will
sometimes find refuge with Hallie. She loves it.

Wine (and sparkling water) in our red neck swimming pool.

A beautiful sunrise while out pounding the pavement.

As much as I hated to pull them back out, at least
our masks are washed, sorted, and organized again.

Tom and Will spent last Sunday in Austin playing disc golf.
It was nearly 100 degrees and 1,000% humidity, but the course
was mostly shaded, they stayed hydrated with gallons of water,
and they ended up having a great time. 

Happy weekend, friend!

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