Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Monthly Medley: July 2021


I finished a couple of articles this month, both of which for different reasons took me outside of my comfort zone. Working and stretching my creative muscles feels good, even though doing so always scares me a little. Both articles also had a holiday theme, so they'll be available come November/December!


I tend toward suspenseful mysteries and true crime dramas, but this month's read - while full of interesting twists and turns - fell squarely in the fiction genre. That said, I'd Give Anything by Marisa de los Santos kept my interest as if it were a mystery, which is probably why I enjoyed it as much as I did. 


Since July 21st, the only thing I've watched is Olympic coverage. I LOVE the Olympics, and I stay tuned to Olympic coverage from the moment I wake up until right before I go to bed. I enjoy the opportunity to watch sports less frequently shown on television, like archery and synchronized swimming, along with my favorites like soccer, gymnastics, and swimming. 

Prior to the Olympics, we made our way through an eclectic mix of interesting movies. In the new(er) category, we thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend - for VERY different reasons - Reya and the Last Dragon and Fantastic Fungi. (I know, I know...a movie about mushrooms? But it really was fantastic.) In the classic category, we watched Toy Story 4 for the first time and held our annual Lodge summer screening of Failure to Launch, one of my all-time favorite romantic comedies. 

Listening To

After listening to Missing on 9/11 last month, this month I listened to - or started listening to (I'm about halfway through the podcast) - Missing in Alaska. This tale is longer and more complicated than I expected, and while I can't weigh in on the ending just yet, I can say that the journey to get to the ending has been interesting.


Though my kiddos aren't leaving the nest, head off to college, and/or joining the workforce just yet, Grown & Flown (@grownandflown) has helped me to start preparing for that eventual day. "Because parenting never ends"...this account shares plenty of valuable information but also feel-good stories about kids who are successful in a wide variety of ways.


When my mom was visiting (and once we finished all of our projects), we popped into a local home and women's clothing and accessories boutique I'd been wanting to check out for a while. Thanks to a 50% off sale, we (I) ended up with this gorgeous wreath. Somehow it feels right for spring, summer, and fall, and the yellow flowers perfectly match my yellow door!

For those of you in BCS, the boutique was Couterie, at the intersection of Rock Prairie and Hwy 6 by Scott and White.

An Instagram ad for the Doodle Institute - specifically a Doodle Institute project called the Paper Doodle House - came across my feed and I had to check it out. From the site I downloaded the project's free printable PDF, and then after I'd printed the pages, Hallie watched the video tutorial before getting to work. This was such a fun project, especially for these dog days of summer when everything feels a little less fun because it's so hot outside and we're somehow both a little tired of vacation but also not ready for school to start. Here's the finished product! 

Each of the four rooms were colored and folded on their own first. Then they were attached to each other, one at a time, creating a 3D house. Finally, the 3D house was attached to an exterior that can either stand open or close around the house to make it like a book. 


I'd been wanting this shirt from the Human Rights Campaign for a while, but I finally ordered it prior to our trip. I love the message, but it's also incredibly soft and cozy.

I know a lot of people who only buy Brooks athletic shoes, but they've never really been my jam. In Madison I found a pair I loved the color of though, and while I'm not necessarily a Brooks convert (I LOVE my Mizunos and have a pair of Asics that get the job done), this pair is a winner!

I also bought another pair of my favorite Athleta shorts (in the color "Make A Splash Cool"). 😂 They really are the absolute best - worth every penny!


I didn't tackle too many new recipes this month, what with being on the road for most of it, but before we left for Wisconsin, Hallie and I made our first cheesecake. We followed this recipe EXACTLY, and while it was amazingly delicious, ours wasn't quite cooked through all the way to the center. The funny thing was, the slightly soft center was without a doubt my favorite part of the cheesecake. We plan to give this recipe another go sometime soon, and I'll let you know if we're able to get it right! 

It maybe been a little soft in the middle, but it sure was pretty!

Feeling Good About

Farewell, July!

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