Friday, August 20, 2021

High Five for Friday (8.20.21)


New seasons of both soccer and dance are underway, and because nothing else feels normal right now, I'm grateful for these two activities that bring a bit of consistency and stability to my and the kids' lives. 

Starting back felt normal enough that I forgot to take pictures. Oops.


On a related note, returning to in-person school doesn't feel normal - or safe - yet. But these kiddos bravely walked into their new grades and new schools with (semi-forced) smiles on their faces behind their masks, and I'm so proud of them. 

Schedule pick-up for these two cuties.

Excited (and scared).

Extremely unhappy about the sign. 

7th grade, here they come!

We've had two amazing crossing guards over the
course of the kids' schooling. Ms. Rosa, who crossed
the kids to elementary, and Ms. Lily (pictured), who
crossed/s the kids to intermediate and middle. Seeing her
on the first day of school was a highlight for all of us.  

Time is a thief.


I worked really hard on something these last two weeks. It was (is) something I strongly believed (believe) in, and something that had (has) both real world and life-and-death consequences. Thus far my efforts and the efforts of others I've worked alongside haven't produced the results we hoped for, but I'm still proud of where and how I directed my energies leading up to the start of the new school year. My goal was to be able to look my kids in the face and tell them that I did absolutely everything I could to keep them safe...and I accomplished that goal. 


Kitten Update:

After a rough experience at his first "forever" home, Moe came back to us. He stayed a few days before being adopted again, this time by his real forever family. 

Curly is still with us, still waiting for his forever family, and still as sweet as can be. I can't explain how much love this boy has to give, and how badly I want - need - him to find his people; if you or someone you know would like to meet him, please let me know.

Curly and I are attached at the hip. I've never
had a kitten like me as much as Curly does.

Aretha is making slow but steady progress, thanks primarily to Hallie's efforts. We are starting to see glimpses of her personality, and while I expect she will always be somewhat timid and shy, I think we're going to discover that she is kind and gentle, with a ever so slightly mischievous streak. (Aretha is also officially up for adoption, so if you'd like to meet her, please reach out and let me know!)

In her sweatshirt, but no one is wearing the sweatshirt...

In her sweatshirt and snuggling with Hallie.

Not in her sweatshirt, but in "her" 
corner of the bathroom with Hallie.

Next to her sweatshirt on the bed.

Next to her sweatshirt and snuggling with me.

She won't let us carry her in our arms, but she'll now
let us carry her in whatever we're wearing (this is just
my t-shirt pulled up like a basket).


Last week while I worked throughout the afternoon and into the evening at schedule pick-up at Hallie's middle school, Will and Hallie MADE DINNER. BY THEMSELVES. WITHOUT ASKING ME QUESTIONS. And IT WAS READY WHEN I GOT HOME. I nearly cried when I walked through the door and saw pasta salad (Will), rolls (Hallie), and washed fruit (Hallie) ready on the counter.   

Happy weekend, friends!

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