Friday, April 30, 2021

High Five for Friday (4.30.21)

This might sound kind of silly, but...

This is a photo of three friends about to go into their very first meeting. 

They had some concerns, questions, and ideas about changes being made to a group of which they are all members, and rather than just worry and wonder aloud to each other, they decided to take matters into their own hands. Their grownups helped them schedule their meeting (since none do a lot of regular emailing), but then they took it from there - they made a detailed list of what they wanted to talk about, wrote an outline, wrote a presentation, and practiced their presentation until they felt prepared.

The meeting itself went well, and while we don't know exactly what will come from it, we do know that their mamas were really proud of them that day.

The season of "lasts" has arrived. (Winter, spring, lasts, summer, firsts, fall, winter...) I expect this one to be especially tough - though not as tough as the seasons of "lasts" we'll experience four and six years from now - as Will is wrapping up middle school and Hallie is finishing intermediate school. 

We already cruised through Will's last track meet last week, and now we've wrapped up Hallie's last company performance as well. In a year when NOTHING was guaranteed and so many school districts, sports clubs, and extracurricular organizations struggled to open at all, I'm so grateful we were able to experience firsts and lasts and everything in between.

A couple of months ago I shared a video of her performing this solo while wearing her looks better without the boot. 😉

Two weekends back, Will and I were joking around about how he NEVER scores in soccer games. This isn't surprising given the position he plays (nor does it correlate in any way to his skill as a player or the value he adds to his team), but we had a good chuckle over how long it had been since he had put the ball in the back of the net during a game.

Last weekend, Tom took Will to his Saturday game and, per usual, shared me with his "Dadcast": a voice-to-text play-by-play of the entire game. (I'm not exaggerating when I say the entire game. Saturday's 80 minutes of play were told in 141 texts start to finish.) Sometimes Tom misses things, or voice-to-text autocorrects in ways that make no sense, but it's really fun to follow along this way and I LOVE that Tom does this for me when I can't be at Will's games in person. Interestingly, on Saturday Tom missed the first goal completely (it happened just seconds after kick off) and while he saw the second goal go in, he wasn't sure who scored it. When they arrived home, Will told me he'd scored that second goal...and I didn't believe him. Like for a long time. I really thought he was just messing with me, and because Tom hadn't seen who scored the goal, he couldn't say one way or the other if Will was telling the truth. Eventually I messaged another mom and she had her son text me back what had happened...which was that Will scored. 

So all this to say, Will scored a goal, for the first time in years. Now if only it had happened when I'd been there... 

Still loving our time with Hallie's Hairstyle Babies...

Bob's first foray into the world of modeling.

On Sunday, Hallie and I were both baptized. There's a long story behind how Hallie and I ended up here, on this day, doing this together, but it's a story for another blog post. It was a special day, and one that brought about a number of deep, meaningful, complicated, and important conversations between all four of us and in smaller groups as well. 

Happy Friday, friends!

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