Friday, April 2, 2021

High Five for Friday (4.2.21)

Last Wednesday I received my second dose of Moderna's vaccine. I could not possibly feel more grateful for SCIENCE, and for the many, many hardworking people who brought this and the other SAFE, EFFECTIVE vaccines to fruition in such a short period of time. The countdown to fully vaccinated (14 days post-second dose) is on!

Middle school track meets have begun! Will's first meet was held last Thursday night, and was eerily similar to last year's first (and only) meet... Both meets were held about an hour away from College Station, against the same three (clad entirely in green) teams; both meets ran 90 minutes past their scheduled end time, which meant we didn't pull into our driveway until 11pm; and both meets were held on the night of a Cypress Grove spirit night at Double Dave's Pizza, which meant that Will and I ate pizza and pepperoni rolls for dinner at 11:15pm. Will didn't run the same events as he did last year, nor did he do quite as well as he did last year, so while he was disappointed about that, he still had a great time competing with and cheering for his teammates. 

This year's late-night pizza dinner pic.

Last year's late-night pizza dinner pic.

We had a second track meet just four days later, this past Monday night, and this one was held in town which made it so much easier on our afternoon and evening schedules. Will ended the night slightly happier with his runs, and I ended the night slightly happier because he was happy and because it only took us five minutes to get home when the meet finished. 

Apparently he's a hurdler now. I'm not a fan of hurdles...

On Sunday afternoon, Hallie and I gathered - outside on what was perhaps the most beautiful day thus far in 2021 - to celebrate the impending birth day of a baby girl we can't wait to meet. Her mama is a friend of mine and her sisters are friends of Hallie's, and we were so grateful for the opportunity to show this wonderful family how much we love them during what felt like a small snippet of the normal to which we will hopefully one day return.

After last weekend's two rounds of play, here is where our March Madness brackets stand:

Tom - 50 
Erin - 39 (as I mentioned last week, there's no possible way for me to win)
Will - 50
Hallie - 52

Tonight Hallie will celebrate her birthday - which isn't actually until next Saturday - with her two besties. (They've always been her besties, but now they're also her bubble besties.) I handled pre-party shopping, decorations, cake, ice cream, and snacks; Tom is in charge of picking up dinner; and Will's only job is to stay out of the way. Bring on the late night shenanigans! (Not for me though. I'm so grateful these girlies are old enough that I don't have to stay up until everyone falls asleep and they don't get up at the crack of dawn. I'll bid them adieu somewhere between 11pm and midnight, and then I'll see them again at a reasonable hour in the morning.)

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