Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Wayback Wednesday: Grandma Gets a New Computer

Grandma Brenda and Grandpa Paul got a new computer, which prompted Grandma to go through many of the umpteen thousand photos on her old computer in order to figure out what to transfer and what to delete. Here are a few of our favs...
Me and Sara at her wedding almost 13 years ago.
Baby Will. Those curls... 😍😭
An Itty bitty cowgirl trying on my boots.
An itty bitty ballerina having a tea party.
Little Lily. She was such a precious baby.
Winnie the Pooh with Winnie the Pooh.
Two day old Hallie, still not all that happy to have been born.
And not all that happy to
be held by her big brother.
Tom and I look tired - we had a toddler and a baby -
while Jeff and Sara look fun. They had no children yet.
This was taken a few months before we swapped her out at the park.
(We've always joked that while at the park I exchanged my brown-
haired baby for a blond-haired baby, because around the time she
was 13-months-old, Hallie's hair color changed almost overnight.)
She didn't think very highly of miniature golf.
Or riding in the stroller.
Blurry, yes. But worth showing as proof that
even when she weighed less than 20 pounds she
could dominate her older and bigger brother.
Always a fan of sunglasses.
Lily and her shoes. Clearly shoes for Lily
were/are Sara's kryptonite, just like shoes
for Hallie have always been mine.
Family pics in 2007.
Will tried to put his head in the metal alligator's
mouth for a photo. Somehow it "bit" him.
Oh, he was so cute.
Family pics in 2010.
And finally, family pics a million years ago - maybe 1989?
Will holding his baby Hallie. 
A swimsuit-clad Lily riding a lion at the zoo.
A picture of a picture of the four Ferri
and my parents in a cave in Wisconsin
Hunting for Easter eggs.
Sweet swinging girl. 
That's Will, rockin' in "the 'stein". We took that thing everywhere.

Happy Hump Day, friends!

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