Friday, April 19, 2019

High Five for Friday (4.19.19)

I almost scrapped today's post completely, y'all. I spent an hour on Sunday evening writing text and adding pictures, but when I came back to the post on Monday afternoon, everything had disappeared. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised - Monday felt like a Monday in every way possible. And I thought long and hard about skipping today completely or posting something grumpy, but in the end I decided to put together an abbreviated version of what I had first crafted. 

Oh, and I KNOW I saved my work. Many times.

Will's soccer team had an incredible opportunity to practice with the Houston Dynamo's Development Academy team (think of a MLB farm system team that feeds players into the minors and eventually the majors) last Thursday night. We had to drive an hour and half each way on a school night, but the trip was worth it, not just for the instruction, but for the experience as a whole. The coach of and the players on the Development Academy team were talented, yes, but they were also leaders, team players, and good sports. Will won't ever play professional soccer, but someday he might be able to say he practiced with a professional athlete or two.

Speaking of, last week Will "trained with" an Olympic Gold Medalist! United States sprinter Phyllis Francis was working out at Will's gym during his weekly personal training session, so while Will and Phyllis didn't exactly hang out and get to know each other, they still shared a relatively small fitness space while training for their respective sports.

Last Friday night Will participated in his first Solo Ensemble competition. His seven-person ensemble performed as a quintet due to one illness and one miscommunication about their scheduled time, and he performed a solo as well. Though he didn't walk away from the experience feeling confident, I was so proud of him for trying something new and intimidating.
And they/he ended up scoring a I for both pieces!

Post-Solo Ensemble, Hallie and I donned our pinkest outfits and headed to the theatre to watch our friend, Paloma, crush the role of Sharpay in her intermediate school's production of High School Musical. Meanwhile, Tom and Will attended Tom's department's annual banquet, where Tom received two different awards and Will impressed everyone with his luscious blond locks.
(These are supposed to be our Sharpay faces.)

Speaking of Will's luscious blond locks...

Minus the braces, he looks 16, doesn't he? Where did my baby go?

We survived dance picture weekend. If you've ever experienced a dance picture weekend yourself, you know this accomplishment deserves more than a high five.
They were as delirious as we were by this point.
When we finally arrived home, I gave myself the
cheers I - and so many other dance moms - deserved.

Happiness Highlights
Hallie the Riveter
Target gave me all of these free samples on Saturday. I usually shop
during the week when it's less crowded, but if this is what Saturdays
look like, I might have to make time for a quick visit more often!
This might be the first time I have ever had a flower bloom
for a second season, which makes it even more gorgeous!
Face painting at the Castlegate Easter picnic!
Visiting with the Easter bunny. 

Happy Friday, friends!

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