Friday, April 26, 2019

High Five for Friday (4.26.19)

We desperately needed the Easter four-day weekend. We stayed surprisingly busy, but at this point in the year we regularly go a mile a minute from sun-up until (long after) sun-down and appreciated the *slightly* more relaxed schedule during our break.

We had planned to host our annual garage sale a few weeks back, but Hallie broke her wrist the night before (as we were setting up for the garage sale, as bad luck would have it), so we postponed it until last weekend. The moms cleared out lots of stuff, the girls sold lemonade and cookies, and we all ended up with a little cash in our pockets.

As soon as we wrapped up our garage sale, the kids and I hopped in the car and headed to Houston for Will's 714th soccer engagement of the season. (Just kidding, of course. There have actually only been 183 soccer engagements this season.) (Just kidding again. I think.) The tournament itself didn't end well for Will's team, but the boys learned a lot and in between games we enjoyed the pool, pizza delivery, and Harry Potter movies at our hotel.

We celebrated Easter with our annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday afternoon and as a family on Sunday morning (before Tom had to go out of town for work). A highlight this year: for the first time I the Easter Bunny hid chocolate eggs around our house. In years past, Will couldn't eat chocolate eggs because of the risk of peanut contamination. However now that he has completed his peanut desensitization, he can eat all of the chocolate ("processed in a facility that also processes peanut products") he wants. I don't know that I've ever seen a 12yo and a 10yo so excited to look for anything!
Hallie requested "bunny butts" for this years Easter cupcakes. 
Almost all of our egg hunting kiddos.
Take one step back and you can see the 3yo who - in
typical 3yo fashion - refused to have his picture taken.
The Young/Ferris boys at this, our fourth annual Easter Egg Hunt...
...and at our first (what would become annual) Easter Egg Hunt.
Thanks, Easter Bunny!
Can you spot the hidden chocolate egg?

Happiness Highlights
Will's second-to-last baby tooth
fell out during our Easter Egg Hunt!
These flowers smelled amazing. 
And these blooms were stunning.
Four sweet girlies - with matching pink curly ribbons
in their hair - waiting for their next dance class to start.
Their best attempt (having not seen the original in years) at recreating a
photo we took at the end of dance photo weekend when they were six.
He's SO tolerant. And apparently a Cavalry fan.

Happy Friday, friends!

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