Friday, December 21, 2018

Winter, by Hallie Claire Ferris

In honor of winter's arrival, I present to you a poem about 
the season written by Hallie and shared with her permission.

Written By Hallie Ferris
Not At All Edited By Erin Ferris 😫

I love winter
I think it shines
There is lots of snow
It is just divine as pine on a vine
In winter it is very cold
It makes me want to hold
An ornament that isn't bland tightly in my hand

Winter is wonderful
It has hot coco, sweet cider, sledding, and snow
I also love my jolly ho ho ho christmas bow

Sometimes I wish for something sweet
Something sweet that is quite a treat
A candy cane one or two 
In my stocking on christmas new

I love winter
I think it shines
There is lots of snow
It is just devine as pine on a vine

Hearty Christmas eve is as bright as the sun
There is lots of cheering
It's filled with fun
Games to play and cinnamon buns
On are pajamas with the birthday of Jesus
He is number 1!

It's Christmas day
What a treat
We run down the stairs
On our cold cold feet
We open our stockings
And reveal a surprise
This year santa was really wise

We do are hair
We say a prayer
Now it's time for Christmas dinner
Yummy yum yum yum
We sing a simple Christmas hum
We eat down the turkey
And the cranberry juice
We go for a ride
On a Christmas moose

We see Christmas lights
And pretty flights
And we wish we were on that plane
Flying in the snowy rain

It is getting late
No time to wait
So on are way we go home

My mom is like a teddy bear as she tucks me into bed
My dreams are bright with a beautiful light
Of the new year up ahed

The starts winked at me as I drifted of to sleep
And in my mind
The new year is their
And the way to get their
Is by taking a giant leap

We wake up in the morning to a wonderful new year
And think about the day 
That spring will soon be here

We have a party
And a pizza
And piñata too
This is so much fun
When I am dancing here with you

Your eyes are like diamonds
Your nails are very sharp
We need some music for the party
So do you play the harp?

Winter is wonderful
I think it shines
There is lots of snow
It is just divine as pine on a vine

Winter wishes wonderful wishes
A past a shooting star
Loving weeps
Tasty treats
Upon winters wonderfulness

The snow is melting
The sky is num
Spring is coming
I have had so much fun
Thank you reading it brings me great cheer
Read my other poems because I wish you were here

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